Santa Elena: Visiting Colombia’s Flower Fields


had read about the famous Flower Festival that takes place every year in Medellin. Unfortunately, the festival takes place in August and we were there during the month of July only. I was still curious to know where the flowers came from, since I knew they came from somewhere near the city. After doing some research, I found La Corporación de Silleteros Santa Elena, a corporation dedicated to support the flower cultivation in Medellin and the families that produce them. We contacted them and booked a visit to one of the flower farms in Santa Elena.

We got an arranged visit to José Ángel Zapata Amariles’ flower farm called El Pensamiento (the thought). José and his family run this flower farm, which has been passed by through generations. Jose taught us the whole process involved in maintaining the flower farm and taught us how to build a silletera, which is an arrangement used during the flower festival. I was stunned with the beauty of his flower farm.

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