Yes To Wander began as a byproduct of my efforts to rediscover photography and travel. Today, it is a safe space where dreamers like you and me can come together and learn how to break free from the shackles of society. 



Hi there and welcome to Yes to Wander.

My name is Alejandra and I am the photographer and writer behind this blog.

There are many things that I would like to share with you but I will keep it short and sweet.

I consider myself to be a dreamer, an escapist from society, and a seeker of the buried true-self.

This blog started off as a hobby, but difficult events in my life served as inspiration for me to take it seriously and begin manifesting the life I truly wanted for myself.

To get more specific…I write about the following subjects: 


My curiosity has taken me to over 30 countries across the world. Not only will I give you inspiration for your next travel destination, but I will also teach you how to travel smarter and more sustainably. Coastal and ancient cities, wilderness and eco-friendly resorts, and exploring unspoiled nature are always top of my list.

Mind & Body

Complications in my everyday life generated a lot of stress and they motivated me to prioritize my mental and physical health. Now, I am a firm believer of natural remedies and I will be sharing with you accessible and affordable ways to take care of both your mind and body.


To change your life you must change your daily habits, especially money spending habits. I like to share tips on what is helping me take full control over my financial life and use it as a tool to accomplish my personal goals and dreams.

Everything you will read here is helping me achieve my goals and I hope it brings you a step closer to manifesting your dream life as well! 

I believe in you.

With love,


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